Tile Cleaner

Swisstek tile cleaner is formulated to maintain the natural beauty of your tiled surface after installation. There are mainly two types, Swisstek heavy dirt tile cleaner and Swisstek light dirt tile cleaner that meet various customer requirements.

The products assures all types of tiles and even products such as marble are maintained in its almost original appearance by efficiently removing dust and dirt.

Heavy Dirt Tile Cleaner

  • Heavy Dirt Tile Cleaner removes heavy stubborn stains and dirt on tiles and grouts.

Light Dirt Tile Cleaner

  • Light Dirt Tile Cleaner which manufactured in 2 fragrances (Lime and Lavender) is recommended for regular use to keep your tile or marble floor clean, shine and refresh with no sticky residue.

  • Packaging: 500ml and 1000 ml /bottle

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