Tile Grout

Swisstek has mainly two types of tile grout which are cementious based and epoxy based.

The Company maintains the highest quality standards in the manufacture of Swisstek cementious Tile Grout and does periodic tests with independent laboratories to ensure all quality standards are maintained. The grout which is also ISO certified is packed in attractive 1 Kg bags and is available in wide range of colours in both Polymer and Non-polymer solutions.

Normal Grout (NG)

  • Swisstek Normal Grout (NG) is recommended for indoor dry areas

  • Value for money

  • Cementious sanded grout which having higher bonding property

Polymer Modified Grout

  • Cementious sanded, polymer modified grout which having excellent bonding property

  • Water absorption is low when comparing to swisstek normal grout, recommended for outdoor and water retain places

Super Polymer Modified Grout

  • Cementious non sanded , polymer modified grout which having excellent bonding property

  • Higher water repelling properties and highly recommend for swimming pools ,and water tanks

  • Ultra-fine formula specially recommended for narrow grooves

  • Available in a wide range of colors (thirty colors) and uniform colors that will match most of tiles in the market.

  • Higher bonding strength

  • Superior in quality and a product manufactured and distributed by a Group which has an excellent reputation in Sri Lanka in the Tile Industry.

  • Economical

  • Single premixed component and just add water

  • Very smooth and easy to use

  • Conforms to ISO 13007 standards

  • Three products are available to fulfill different requirements of customers

    1. Normal Grout (NG)
    2. Polymer Modified Grout (PG)
    3. Super Polymer Grout(SPG)
  • Packaging: 1Kg/bag and 20pcs/ cartoon

  • Coverage :

    Tile size( for 3mm groove size) Coverage area sqft / 1kg per bag
    For Tiles 12”X12” tiles > 80
    For Tiles 16”X16” tiles < 100
  • Color: 30 colors

  • Certification: ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system/ Comply with ISO 13007 standards