Quick Flow

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Swisstek Quick Flow is a cement-based levelling mortar that is used on concrete floors prior to the application of materials like carpet, vinyl, tiles, and parquet. When combined with water, it can be used on concrete floors as a thin layer levelling and scraping mortar. It is a highly efficient product that is very simple to use. When cured, it offers a seamless, level ground for installing a multitude of floor coverings.

The product is grey in colour and comes in 20 KG bags, which is sufficient to cover a floor area of 40 square feet with a three-millimetre thick layer. ​​

Category : Finishing's

Quick Flow


Technical data sheet

Quick Flow

Why Choose Swisstek Quick Flow?

  • Excellent adherence to concrete surfaces.
  • Simple to use (just add water).
  • Allows convenient levelling without imperfections.
  • Provides a flat and smooth finish.
  • The product’s efficiency saves time for all.
  • Comes pre-mixed, and therefore, ensures quality and good consistency.

Directions For Application

  • Clean the application surface by removing all loose foreign particles like dust, oils, dirt, and grease.
  • Remove cement laitance and also any pre-existing paint, coatings, or coverings from the surface.
  • For better bonding, it is recommended to apply the primer beforehand.
  • Follow the ratio of 260 ML of water to 1 KG of the compound (subject to slight changes) and create the concoction in a container, continuously combining the mixture with a mixing machine.
  • Mix vigorously for a minimum of 3 minutes until a smooth consistency is achieved (adjust the consistency with more water or powder as needed).
  • Pour the mixture onto the prepared floor while the primer is still tacky (Note: If the primer has dried, it should be re-applied to maximize adhesion).
  • If necessary, the compound can be trowelled to achieve the expected finish.
  • Allow the surface to dry for 48 hours (Note: Time may vary with the weather conditions).
  • After 24 hours, wet the surface consecutively for one week.

Additional Tips

  • Store the product in a dry place.
  • Once a bag of Skim Coat is opened, seal them tight and well to prevent exposure to air.

Product Details

  • Packaging: 20 kg/ bag
  • Coverage: 40sq.ft (for 3mm thickness)
  • Color: Grey