Roof Master

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Swisstek now introduces Roof Master and Roof Master+; on an exciting new venture of providing roofing and other related solutions to businesses and households.

Our sheets are coated with Zinc Aluminum to ensure the highest quality and protection to your space.
Roof Master and Roof Master+ range of holistic roofing solutions are made to last, for life.

Steel Products have gained fame for its superiority in the Sri Lankan market within a short period of time as it conforms to standards set out by the industry.


Swisstek Zinc Aluminum coated steel roofing.

Quality has become a hallmark of Swisstek Products due to strict adherence to highest standards in sourcing material, use of state- of-the-art machinery, zero waste quality assurance process and the expertise of skilled workers.

In addition to the standard sizes, Swisstek products are also geared to meet any specifications of the customers.

Zinc Aluminum roofing sheets are ideal for commercial, industrial, residential buildings and many other construction requirements.


An innovative Zinc-Aluminum roofing solution to create  aesthetics to your space.

Contemporary designs to elevate the look of your building.


Suitable for modern steel structures such as factory buildings, warehouses and gates as well as wall claddings, widely used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Tailor made fabrication for custom design.

Available in an array of shades to satisfy customer taste.


Fabricated using High Tensile Black Iron steel with a galvanized coating of more than upto galvanized coating 200.

An item that’s commonly used in steel building systems and steel roofs comes to you in sizes to suit customer requirements and in different gauges.

Mainly used for industrial and household buildings, temporary structures and many areas in the construction industry.

Roof Master Purlings is an ideal product that provides long spans between portal frames on your commercial building.

High in efficiency, it is quick to install and suitable for both insulated and uninsulated roofs and walls.