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In Sri Lanka’s construction industry, Swisstek is a company like no other. With an unmatchable range of products that are all ISO certified, we are the only Ceylonese company to have secured the SLS Certification for Tile Mortar and Tile Grout. Every Swisstek team member, despite their job title, works effortlessly to put the best products on the market and strives to achieve our ultimate goal—solving all tilers’ problems under one roof while ensuring the perfect finish.

Every Swisstek product has been developed and manufactured employing state-of-the-art technology to be user-friendly, which in turn minimizes any errors that can be caused before, during, or even after the construction process. The efficacy, reliability, practicality, and resilience of our products are very high, thus assuring the sustainability of the beauty within your property. Transforming an architect’s plan into a real-life masterpiece has never been easier.

Skim Coat

Category : Finishing

Skim coat is a textured compound, used to smoothen out surfaces and walls. It may also be used to repair certain damages or cracks in surfaces. Swisstek Skim Coat is certified good quality with international standards for both interior and exterior application. It’s smooth texture, is a result of its water-based compound mixture which is produced in the colour white, making it versatile for any surface and ideal to meet any expectations of the customers.


Skim Coat


Technical data sheet


A premium cementitious water-based compound modified with improved polymer. Suited for interior applications. Available in white


A premium cementitious water-based compound modified with improved polymer. Suited for interior applications as well as exterior applications. Available in white.

Why Choose Swisstek Skim Coat?

  • The product does not contain any lime ash.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • No additional polymers are required. Simply add water.
  • The easy workability of the product and non-sticky allow better levelling, hence giving the perfect finish.
  • Absorption of paint is minimal, resulting in less paint consumption.
  • Resistant to shrinkage.


Directions For Use

  • Remove all foreign material (dust, grease, oil, fungus, moss, and so on) from the wall surface using a wire brush or sandpaper.
  • Ensure that all existing damages, cracks, and voids are tended to prior to the application of Skim Coat.
  • Mix the product as per the ratio of 20 KG of Skim Coat to 7 to 8 litres of water.
  • Use a mechanical stirrer to achieve the best consistency.
  • Apply the mixture using a putty blade or trowel (Note: Wear gloves at all times when working with Skim Coat).
  • If a second layer is necessary, allow the first coat to dry for 3 hours before repeating the process.
  • Once the wall surface dries completely, remove any loose particles with a wet sponge or sandpaper (Note: Wear a dust mask when using sandpaper).


Additional Tips

  • Store the product in a dry place.
  • Once a bag of Skim Coat is opened, seal them tight and well to prevent exposure to air.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water immediately.

Product Details

  • Packaging: 20Kg/ bag
  • Coverage: 150-200 square feet (for 2 mm thickness)/ Differs according to the surface
  • Color: Grey and white
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2015 quality management