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In Sri Lanka’s construction industry, Swisstek is a company like no other. With an unmatchable range of products that are all ISO certified, we are the only Ceylonese company to have secured the SLS Certification for Tile Mortar and Tile Grout. Every Swisstek team member, despite their job title, works effortlessly to put the best products on the market and strives to achieve our ultimate goal—solving all tilers’ problems under one roof while ensuring the perfect finish.

Every Swisstek product has been developed and manufactured employing state-of-the-art technology to be user-friendly, which in turn minimizes any errors that can be caused before, during, or even after the construction process. The efficacy, reliability, practicality, and resilience of our products are very high, thus assuring the sustainability of the beauty within your property. Transforming an architect’s plan into a real-life masterpiece has never been easier.

Swisstek PLC is widely recognised as market leaders in the flooring industry. Since their inception in 1967, they have grown to obtain brand recognition as the most efficient distribution channel that offers world class finishing solutions. They have many accolades under their name which they have achieved over the years through consistent quality standards and up-to-date service. In the year 2015, they received the ISO 9001 certification for manufacturing processes, and since then they have strived to optimise facilities to expand production capacity.


In addition to these note-worthy achievements, Swisstek made history by obtaining the Sri Lanka Standards Institute Certification (SLS) for five of their products that were leading in the market. These include three types of tile adhesive – Super Tile Adhesive (mortar), Super Plus Tile Adhesive (mortar) and Ultra Grip Tile Adhesive (mortar) and two types of grout which are Super Polymer Tile Grout and Polymer Modified Tile Grout.


On the occasion of achieving this milestone, Managing Director of Swisstek Ceylon PLC J.A.P.M Jayasekera said “The certification serves to formalise the overwhelmingly positive feedback we consistently receive from industry experts and customers alike. In terms of what lies ahead, Swisstek intends to focus on consolidating its market position as the pioneer in innovation and quality through research and development. Despite the economic downturn triggered by the global pandemic, we are hopeful Swisstek Ceylon PLC will continue to be resilient as it did in the 2020/2021 financial year.”


This statement by the Managing Director is an assurance of confidence with which Swisstek will proceed to face the onset of bigger challenges as the economy spirals downwards. Despite the unsettling business climate, Swisstek is sure to brave the worst and continue to provide the best through stronger distribution network and innovation, ensuring that customer satisfaction always is, and will continue to be their number one priority.


Swisstek Ceylon PLC currently has a large distribution network of 22 distributors and 2000 dealers, including 60+ Lanka Tiles shops throughout the island. The Group offers a diverse product range spanning over 25 categories and is a key contributor to the economy as one of Sri Lanka’s largest exporters, earning foreign cash while also providing hundreds of direct and indirect job opportunities. In addition, Swisstek Ceylon PLC is dedicated to incorporating environmentally friendly production techniques and guaranteeing responsible resource use in order to minimise its environmental impact.


With this momentum and passion to be the best, Swisstek is sure to lead the market with their quality service and products

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