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In Sri Lanka’s construction industry, Swisstek is a company like no other. With an unmatchable range of products that are all ISO certified, we are the only Ceylonese company to have secured the SLS Certification for Tile Mortar and Tile Grout. Every Swisstek team member, despite their job title, works effortlessly to put the best products on the market and strives to achieve our ultimate goal—solving all tilers’ problems under one roof while ensuring the perfect finish.

Every Swisstek product has been developed and manufactured employing state-of-the-art technology to be user-friendly, which in turn minimizes any errors that can be caused before, during, or even after the construction process. The efficacy, reliability, practicality, and resilience of our products are very high, thus assuring the sustainability of the beauty within your property. Transforming an architect’s plan into a real-life masterpiece has never been easier.

Lanka Wall Tiles recognised as a great place to work!


On the eve on November 17th, 2021 at Hilton Colombo during a prestigious award ceremony, Lanka Wall Tiles was awarded “great place to work”, receiving certification for all four companies – Swisstek Ceylon PLC, Swisstek Aluminium PLC, Lanka Tiles PLC and Lanka Wall Tiles PLC. This certification validates the scope for growth that is made available for employees are Lanka Wall Tiles PLC, and the opportunities they are presented with. It also showcases the value and importance with which employees are treated, providing utmost job satisfaction.


“The long-standing success of the company is entirely attributed to our workforce

and our vision for the way we treat our employees and the way we work as a company.” says Mr. Mahendra Jayasekera, Managing Director of Lanka Wall Tiles. The production of high-quality flooring products, as well as the success assimilated with the brand is a result of the synergy and dedicated work ethic that is seamlessly incorporated into the company culture. This is because workers are enriched with skills which add to their personal growth, that in turn benefits the company. They also experience a sense of belonging towards the firm which makes them want to actively contribute towards its success.


This award is an indication of the difference and development forged within a workplace, showcasing how well equipped the company is to provide opportunities for growth for its employees. This is judged on the basis of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie, by a panel that closely assesses potential and practice in each of these avenues. After passing this rigorous trust test, firms are selected for the award cementing their efforts into global recognition, giving them the due appreciation for their efforts.


We are proud to highlight that all four companies under Lanka Wall Tiles scored particularly high in the “Pride” category, which focuses on pride in personal job, team and corporate image. This is a notable feat as we strive towards ensuring job satisfaction for all our workers while making them feel valued and secure at work, making sure that they feel proud to identify as employees of Lanka Wall Tiles PLC.


Mr Athula Hewapathirana, Group HR Manager, believes that a Spiritual Management System, established in the year 2014, is the reason behind the progressive nature and attitudes of all Lanka Wall Tiles employees. The system ensures that workers are motivated to give back to the company, thus increasing productivity and hence, profitability. This difference is what credits the group as a great place to work as well as pushes employees to work with dedication, contributing to the success and consistent growth of the Lanka Wall Tiles Group.

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