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In Sri Lanka’s construction industry, Swisstek is a company like no other. With an unmatchable range of products that are all ISO certified, we are the only Ceylonese company to have secured the SLS Certification for Tile Mortar and Tile Grout. Every Swisstek team member, despite their job title, works effortlessly to put the best products on the market and strives to achieve our ultimate goal—solving all tilers’ problems under one roof while ensuring the perfect finish.

Every Swisstek product has been developed and manufactured employing state-of-the-art technology to be user-friendly, which in turn minimizes any errors that can be caused before, during, or even after the construction process. The efficacy, reliability, practicality, and resilience of our products are very high, thus assuring the sustainability of the beauty within your property. Transforming an architect’s plan into a real-life masterpiece has never been easier.

Tile Adhesive (Mortar)

Category : Finishing

Swisstek Tile Adhesive is manufactured in accordance with international standards and the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. The company conducts frequent inspections in independent laboratories to maintain the premium standards of its output. Swisstek’s Tile Adhesive can ideally be used for the installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles, granite, marble, and other materials used on both walls and floors. The product is formulated with cement, ceramic fillers, polymer, and a unique binding agent, all of which improve the product’s resistance to water while increasing strength and longevity.

Swisstek’s Tile Adhesive is mass-produced in 25 KG bags, each of which is measured to cover between 30 and 50 square feet of area (depending on tile size). Furthermore, our brand competes in the tile adhesive market with three different products formulated to attend to different consumer needs.

Super Tile Mortar

The perfected formula recommended for the basic application of porcelain and ceramic tiles on a freshly completed cement screed surface. This product is recommended for dry and indoor areas.

Super plus Tile mortar

This product was particularly designed and created with damp/wet spaces in mind. It is ideal to be used on bathroom floors and walls while also utilizing to install tiles on existing cemented surfaces.

Ultra- grip Tile mortar

With properties like high flexibility, strong adhesion, and anti-slipperiness, Swisstek’s Ultra Grip Tile Mortar is the go-to for the wettest of wet places. For instance, swimming pools, water tanks, and even open areas like rooftops. It can be used with any type of tile on both fresh and aged cement screed


Contains excellent bonding and anti-slip properties. White in color. Ideal for marble tiles and glass mosaic tiles. High water resistance and resistance to thermal expansion and contraction.

Why Choose Swisstek Tile Mortar?

  • The product is quick and simple to use unlike the conventional method of mixing sand, cement, and water.
  • A cost-effective option for tile installation.
  • No chipping and breakages
  • The bonding strength is higher compared to the traditional method.
  • Smooth consistency reduces any chances of error.
  • Follows the ISO 13007 standards.
  • Various formulas to fit different needs.

Directions For Application

  • Clean the surface rigorously prior to tiling and wet with water.
  • Convert the dry tile mortar into a thick liquid consistency by adding water, matching a ratio of 25 KG of Swisstek Tile Mortar to 7-8 litres of water (Note: Do not mix it in bulk. A mixture sufficient for 30 minutes is recommended).
  • Apply the mixture on the desired floor or wall using a notched trowel (Note: When laying larger tiles, it is recommended to apply some mortar on the tile as well).
  • Place the tiles accordingly, leaving a minimum gap of 3 millimetres in between.
  • Evenly adjust the placing level of the tile using a rubber hammer.
  • Tidy up the tile surface by wiping away any excess mortar.
  • Let dry, settle, and tighten for at least 24 hours before following with Swisstek Tile Grout.

Product Details


  • Packaging : 25 Kg/ bag

  • Coverage (for leveled surface):
Tile size( for 3mm groove size)Coverage area sqft / 25kg per bag
Floor tiles & Wall tiles 16’’ or less45-50
Above the 16’’X16’’ Tiles30-40


  • Color : Grey and white

  • Certification :  ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system/ Comply with ISO 13007 standards